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Patients discharged from hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes are often in fragile condition with questionable care systems at home.  Without the proper support, a high percentage will not recover to the best of their ability and many will soon be readmitted through the emergency room.

Our RNs and nursing assistants are experienced in helping people transition successfully to home and putting systems in place to help them succeed long term.  We offer three post hospital/nursing home packages to create a foundation for healing and provide the needed care.

HopeBridge has created a unique program called “Safe Landings.”  Safe Landings Transitition Services is designed to improve the outcome of your loved one’s transition from one care setting to another.  Approximately 20% of Medicare beneficiaries discharged from a hospital are re-admitted within 30 days after leaving inpatient care.  Transition services have been proven to drastically reduce the incidents of re-hospitalization.

Safe Landings

The keys to a successful transition from a care facility or hospital to home is planning and knowledge.  HopeBridge is committed to educating families in the simple steps to help their loved one gain more independence and control during their healthcare transitions:  Keep a personal health record, be intentional at follow-up appointments, and self-manage their medications and symptoms.

Trained in senior and chronic care, our team will develop a plan of care to address key issues related to discharge or transitions in care settings. This plan of care will address coordination among all involved health professionals, including logistical arrangements and education of the patient and family.
There are three packages available in the Safe Landings program to help the patient and his/her family land on their feet.

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Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.