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Care Management

Care management is not only the starting point for caring for aging loved ones, but also the on-going assessment and care of loved ones throughout. If you are asking questions like, “what do I do when mom can’t remember to turn off the stove?” or “how do take care of dad after his heart attack?” it might be time to get a helping hand to help navigate this new experience.
​​Care management consists of the needed nursing, social work, nutrition, physical therapy and home care needed to maintain a safe, happy and thriving situation for your aging loved one.

At HopeBridge, we ensure that our care management services guide families in making the right choices when it comes to caring for their loved ones and seniors.

We specialize in providing geriatric and disability care and management. As experienced health care professionals, we provide holistic care nursing services, fulfilling the unique needs and finding the right solutions for the current situation.

It all starts with the first step:

Care Management Assessment

• Assessment of cognitive, physical, emotional and psychosocial needs with relevant recommendations

• Assisting families and clients in developing a strategy for aging or moving to a different level of care

• Managing the care needs of your loved one

• Assistance with referral and enrollment in appropriate community resources

• Coordination with family members, legal representatives and medical providers in the development of individualized care plans

• Communication with healthcare and other service providers and family members about healthcare issues.

• Coordinate appointments, provide support and arrange transportation as needed.

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.