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The Companionship Factor In Elderly Home Health

The Companionship Factor In Elderly Home Health

Man is a social being. We crave companionship and friendship in every phase of life, even more so as we grow older. Human contact, emotional or physical is vital for our very survival. Friendships and romantic relationships begin to define who we are, as each year passes.

Reaching senior status doesn’t diminish the need to be close to others – loved ones and friends, even everyday acquaintances. In fact, this need for companionship only increases as seniors turn to any constant positive as their life changes.

Companionship can help stave off depression in the elderly. There is a link between close, constant companionship and depression – individuals over the age of 65 can steer clear away from symptoms.

Secret to A Long, Healthy Life – Positive and Constant Companionship

Dr. Karen Roberto, a gerontologist at the University of Northern Colorado conducted a study of friendships among seniors (ages 65 to 91). It was found that seniors having several friends’ experienced higher degree of worthiness, independence and happiness compared to seniors with fewer friendships.

Yet, long life takes a lot from our elders. Changes are inevitable – health declines, income dwindles, close friends and spouse pass away. Physical impairments and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia cause seniors to choose a life of isolation.

Senior Isolation – A Leading Cause of Depression  

According to researchers from University of California, 18% of seniors live alone. 43% report experiencing feelings of loneliness on a regular basis. Additionally, 1 in 7 people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Concerned for your aging parent? Introduce companionship and friendship to your parent’s life by hiring in-home care aide. How will it help?

In-Home Care Providers Offer Great Benefits from Their Company and Caregiving Skills

More and more seniors are preferring to live in their own homes even if suffering from mild dementia or physical impairments. Old age alone has its own set of challenges that can make life difficult for your elderly parents. Here is where an elderly companion comes in the picture.

In-home care providers are ideal for those who prefer spending their days in the quiet comfort of their own home. This type of companion doesn’t only offer companionship but assistance with basic daily tasks such as:

Meal preparation
Light housekeeping
Grocery shopping
Transportation and errands

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