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Seniors giving back; doing well by doing good.

Seniors giving back; doing well by doing good.

Often through people’s working careers, they dream of the freedom that retirement promises. While these same people find their jobs rewarding, they end up being drained as well. It’s important to remember that working gives us something besides a paycheck: it provides us with meaning, direction and a feeling of contribution.

The difference between working as an adult and volunteering as a senior is much like the difference between being a parent and the grandparent. The senior volunteering gets to enjoy many of the benefits, like meaning and direction, but without the stress.

In 2014, ten million retired Americans volunteered 2 billion hours! Additionally, the National Institute on Aging has published that retired individuals who volunteer were at a lower risk of health problems including dementia and depression. They even enjoy longer lifespans.

How can you get involved?



One easy way is to join RSVP. It Is one of the largest volunteer networks in the country for people 55 and older. They help match volunteers with opportunities in their own communities to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Churches and civic groups.

One time-tested way to connect with the community and help others is through church groups and civic groups like Rotary, Lions or Kiwanis, who are benefiting the community.

Libraries and schools.

Both libraries and schools are great places to connect with volunteer opportunities for those who enjoy being with kids. Being a one-on-one tutor, reading coach, or doing book readings and story time are great ways to give to the community and enjoy yourself in the process.


Make a difference in the lives of others, as well as your own life, by volunteering!