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You Need a Care Partner

You Need a Care Partner

Why do people with memory loss believe that they are perfectly ok live by themselves?

I’m Fine..

You’re blowing this out of proportion…

It’s not that big of a deal..

Everyone my age has “senior moments”..

Have you heard these before as you have talked to your loved one who is losing functional memory? Why can’t they see that they are needing help, Yesterday?  There are quite a few reasons, and not all of them are about lying to themselves.

Seniors have a different sense and understanding of events and feel the risks differently.

We have all been in the car with someone who is a bad driver and felt the fear of not being able to control the bad decisions that are affecting your life. On the other hand, if YOU are the bad driver you have the sense that even if things are going poorly you are in charge, so it feels like less of a problem. It is the having or not having control that makes the swerving and weaving car a terror to one and a joy ride to the other.

On a sunny Monday morning I met with Jim, the adult son of a couple with memory loss. He referred to his parents as “The denial twins”.  As the conversation progressed, he went from talking to ranting. “They just laugh about everything;” “Missed my meds for a week, HA-HA-HA;” “Don’t they know that kind of thing is important? They may die!”  He stopped to sip his coffee, then he cracked a smile “but they will defiantly die laughing.”  That is the passenger seat perspective.  And as many can attest to, it’s no joy ride.

This is where HopeBridge can help.

Having care partners come into the home and assist with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, etc., can help preserve the senior’s dignity. They can provide supervision and encouragement to keep seniors active and following through on recommendations from physicians. Having HopeBridge care partners involved also allows families to remain closely involved with the care of their parents without having to give up their own jobs, which can have long-term impact on the financial well-being of the adult children.

We, as an organization, are deeply committed in bridging the gaps in care, we look forward to hearing from you.