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Beyond Education and Experience, finding the right caregiver

Beyond Education and Experience, finding the right caregiver

When looking for an individual or individuals to provide in home care for someone you love, there are many things to consider. There are the obvious ones like educational level and previous experience. Then there are the less obvious characteristics that make all the difference between someone who is great and those that don’t connect well.

The first key is knowledge. Consider the level of need that your loved one is requiring as well as if they are declining in heath and are probably going to need more care in the near future than they need today. The greater the needs and/or anticipated needs of you loved ones the more important the formal education is needed. Does the person who works with your family member need to have understanding of diabetic diet, or how to manage heart failure? Only hire from an agency that makes training their staff a top priority and is able to customize training for specific cases.

Second key is trust. This one is intuitive. The in home caregiver needs to be trustworthy and honest as well as organized and able to follow through on what the elder needs. You need to be able to not only trust them personally but trust the system that supports them.  You may have found the most wonderful individual in the world, but if they get sick, the lack of a good back up still leaves the family in the same position as if the caregiver had refused to come to work.

Third key is fit. Lets face it, not every personality is easy to be with for every individual. If you are going to be having this person present on a frequent basis, it would be wise that the in home caregiver be someone that you and/or your loved one would like to spend time with. Getting a good fit is extremely important as it helps develop a relationship that is warmer and more supportive for the client in the end. “Trying hard” on the part of the family or the care staff is rarely able to overcome an essentially poor fit.

We at HopeBridge prioritize training and require twice the state required level of continuing education, with individualized training for staff taking on new clients. We offer a robust scheduling and back up system so that your loved one is never left high and dry. If for some reason our staff does not arrive within 2 hours of the scheduled shift, the next full shift will be done free of charge.  We work hard to ensure a good fit with each placement of a team member and if you feel that it is not working, let us know and we will change staffing, no hard feelings; it happens.

Finding the right person can be a challenge but it is one that is worth it. Let us help!