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9 Questions To Ask A Potential In-Home Care Provider

9 Questions To Ask A Potential In-Home Care Provider

Leaving home and established patterns behind becomes more difficult as we grow older. Yet 1.3 million American seniors now live in nursing homes, largely due to the complications and issues faced in living alone.

Are you worried about your aging parent yet cannot do anything in the name of caregiving? Consider in-home care services for your loved one especially if you aren’t present to mete out love and care.

In-Home Care Services – What Are They?

Adult children not being able to provide familial caregiving to their elderly parents can choose this popular option. In-home care services cover a wide range of needs and unique requirements, making in-home care providers an ideal replacement for your love and care.

Most importantly, professional caregivers make it possible for seniors to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible! You can customize what services you wish your aging loved one to receive when hiring an home health provider.

How-to: Select a Reputable and Caring In-Home Health Care Agency

Knowing what to ask potential home health providers is important when selecting a home health service. It will require diligence and education on your part – keep your loved one’s special needs at the forefront!

Ideally, you want to employ professional caregivers who will care for your aging parent with skill, compassion and understanding. Ensure you pick the right home care aide for your elderly parents living alone by asking the following questions:

What is the agency’s experience in providing senior home care?
During consultation, is a written and customized care plan developed and updated (as changes occur)?
Who does the agency employ to provide home care – registered nurses, social workers or professional caregivers?
Does the agency provide a written document stating rights of the client?
Does the agency explain company’s privacy policy and code of ethics?
Are emergencies handled after normal business hours? How?
Is training provided to caregivers? What does it entail?
Are caregivers screened before hiring process?
Are caregivers insured and bonded through the agency?

Asking these questions will ensure you find the very best home health service for your aging parents, letting them live in their own home comfortably. Call HopeBridge for a consultation.